Creating Your First Proposal

To create your first proposal, simple login and click the "New Proposal" in the top right. 

You'll start by creating a Proposal Name and selecting a client or adding a new client (client name and email). 

Next, you'll be dropped into your WYSIWG editor where you can begin creating your proposal and adding and editing sections however you see fit. 

Modify Cover

One of the first things you'll want to do is customize your cover. Hit "Modify Cover" and then select a custom color or get creative and upload your own image or search from our Unsplash library of 300k+ images. 

Upload Logo

Does your business have a custom logo? Add it to your first proposal and we'll save if for future use on all proposals. Click the photo icon in the cover section of the proposal and upload or drag and drop. We recommend maximum dimensions of 560x204 pixels. 

Writing the proposal

We get you started with a "Goals & Deliverables" section, but it's completely up to you what to include. We recommend including an introduction, a timeline, and a detailed fee summary, but the control is in your hands and we're excited to see how you customize your own proposals. 

Adding Blocks

To add new sections to your proposal, you select from four options on the right under "Blocks." Let's say you want to add an introduction. You would drag a "Heading" section and update the text to "Introduction." Next, you'd drag a "Text" section and add your introduction right there. 

If you ever want an extra set of eyes on your proposal, just chat with us directly from the site or drop us a line at