Sending Your First Proposal

Sending your proposal is as simple as the push of a button. When you created your proposal, you entered your client name and email and so we already have the recipient. 

If you're ready to send, hit "Send Proposal" in the top right and you can then customize a message for your client that will be sent via email directly from Lancelot. 

Send Proposal

Customize the email

After hitting "Send Proposal" a module will open. We'll populate the recipient field with you client, but you can also add email addresses. This is useful if your client has multiple team members or you need to also send the proposal to a finance team. Next, you have the option to add a message. 

What my client sees?

Your client will receive an email that looks like this: 

Once they click on "View Proposal" they will see exactly what you were able to view in Preview mode. 

Should your client accept the proposal, they are able to sign via e-signature at the bottom of the proposal and you're ready to get started with the project.